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Best Tools For Growing Your Brand In 2020

A concise list of tools that you can use to grow your following. From organisation to content creation, we ourselves use all tools listed below and we believe you should too!

This scheduling tool allows you to do much more than just that. Take the stress off posting by scheduling posts in advance at optimal times automatically.
Other features include:

    • Preview your feed before posting
    • Create a media library 
    • A calendar
    • Chose tags, hashtags
    • Date & time 
    • Analyse any links in bio
    • Chose to post at scheduled time or to send a notification  to your phone for you to post

Later is  partnered with Instagram so you won’t be penalised for using any black hat tools, which we don’t advise! 

Click here to view Later.

2. Canva & Mojo

These lovely little design tools will help your instagram aesthetic immensely, especially if you’re not a graphic designer. Create great looking content for your feed and stories in seconds. They allow you to:

See Canva here

See Mojo here.

Flick is the best hashtag generator tool out there. You can search for hashtags in your niche and pick the best ones for your account by looking at the reach and competition. View our previous resource ‘How To Get Seen On Instagram: Hashtags‘ for a step by step guide on how to use Flick. 

It has its own analytics tool which is very helpful for getting the right hashtags for your account. 

Using the right hashtags:

  • Increases growth 
  • Gives you posts higher reach 
  • Increases impressions 

Click here to view Flick. 

This tool allows you to lay out your caption exactly how you want for your post. For example, if you want to break up the caption with new lines, you can do that here. It’s easy to use and makes your posts clearer to read, especially if you’re crediting a lot of people, so the reader can easily see all the info needed. 

You can write exactly what you want and how you want your post’s caption to look, copy and paste into the IG generator, press convert and you have your caption looking great and ready to post.

Click here to view IG Line Break Caption Generator.

This tool is not essential but is definitely a handy tool to have at hand. It allows you to download any type of content on a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is great for those of you using UGC (user generated content) or for a quick and easy way of obtaining content when needed, directly from IG.

Ingrammer also offers a range of free services including a free Hashtag finder

Click here to go to Ingrammer downloader.

One of the most reliable ways of growing any brand is understanding your analytics. By understanding your target audience and their preferences you are able to cater to your customers, alls of which can be found via any analytics tool.

The simplest way of finding your analytics for Instagram is by converting your page to a business or creator page and using Instagram’s built in Insight tools. From here you can see what type of content is doing best, the demographic of your target audience and even find out when the best time to post. 

Other analytic tools include:
– Iconosquare
– Keyhole
– Sprout Social

Mailing lists still play a powerful role in marketing yourself and your brand. By creating a mailing list you can promote your product or alert potential customers to new updates directly via email using free or paid platforms that help create highly visual emails and collect emails of those that have signed up via social media or through your website. 

From experience we have found the best and most affordable option is Mailerlite. Their services allows you to create sign up forms, different target groups, striking email templates and even email automation to create email sequences or simply lessen the workload.

Find more info about Mailerlite here.

Have any other tool suggestions you think we should add? Let us know by commenting below.

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