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How To Get Seen On Instagram:

It is a well known fact that social media is one of the largest driving forces in getting seen as a creative. The possibility to reach tens, if not hundreds of thousands of likeminded people around the world simply cannot be passed up on.

In this blog, we’ll explain why you should use hashtags, how to find the right ones for your account and extra tips and tricks into expanding your reach on social media.

By SeenbyG

Hashtags are no. 1 underrated source of reach on Instagram

There are a lot of people that will say hashtags are not worth using, however this is far from the case. As seen below, this is a screenshot of an Instagram account I run, which shows clearly how viable hashtags really are.

Once you understand the strategy behind how to use them, you will be able to implement the methods outlined in this post and grow your reach substantially. These methods work regardless of the size of your account; be it 100 followers or 100000 followers, combining high quality content with the relevant hashtags is by far the best strategy in 2020.

For this guide we will use – a way for you to establish a good set of hashtags without doing it manually. This is a paid service however the free trial gives you more than enough to start out with.

Why use hashtags?

It’s important to understand why hashtag sets are a useful growth tool. Here’s why, if you get a high ranking hashtag, your content will also rank highly for days if not weeks after you’ve posted it. These specific hashtags bring in a high amount of followers interested in your niche daily, making this a powerful growth strategy which is massively underrated.

How do I find the right hashtags for me?

If you’re new to, set up a Flick account which includes a 7 day free trial (don’t forget to cancel before the 7’s up!).

Follow the guide below for a step by step process on generating good hashtags sets to really grow your social media presence:

1. Check your instagram profile to find the average amount of likes you receive on each post. To be safe, halve this number and use it as your ‘min likes’ filter

2. Set filters to your requirements.

Min =  half of the average number of likes you receive per post 
Max = when a post performs better than average, how many likes you get on your ‘super’ posts.
Shown below:

As you can see, the amount of likes we receive on our page is between 600-4000 likes per post.

Filter hashtags by how many posts have used that specific hashtag. The general rule is to use between 10k-1million posts.

3. Search a key word relating to your niche eg. photography/music/artist etc

4. Now that you have set the filters, it should only show you relevant hashtags that are possible to rank on. 

5. You are looking for hashtags with low competition score and high potential reach. If you hover over the hashtag a preview of the type of content that works well in that hashtag will show. Make sure your content is relevant to this. 

6. Between 20-25 hashtags per post is the recommended amount.


The goal is for your 25 hashtags to keep your post in the ‘top posts’ of that hashtag for as long as possible. This can be up to 6 months!

7. Copy and paste selected hashtags into your notes under the key word searched. Now whenever you post about eg. photography you have those 25 hashtags ready to use. Create around 5-10 sets so you do not over use the same set.

Add 2-3 hashtags specific to post on top of 25 selected.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like for different key words in your niche. This will depend on how many key words are relevant, be sure to only use relevant key words so your posts get good engagement.


Things To Remember


A great tip is to create between 5-10 unique hashtag sets, each one differing slightly to cater to different types of content. Save these sets in ‘Notes’ on your phone, this way, whenever you go to post, it’s a simple copy and paste.


Now that you have 5-10 hashtag sets, rotate between them on every post so that each hashtag set you use if different to the previous. This way you avoid getting shadow banned by Instagram for ‘spam’.


Only use hashtags that suit your content. By using irrelevant hashtags you often void the whole post by not ranking on any due to the Instagram algorithm being unsure of what type of content you are posting. It is a very complex system and knows what type of post you are uploading.


Once you have all of your relevant hashtags, tier them! This means using 5-7 hashtags that have between 10k-50k posts in them, 5-7 hashtags with 50k-200k, 5-7 hashtags with 200k-500k and a couple more with 500k-1 Million posts in that specific hashtag. 

You will find it easier to rank in the top 9 of the low tiered hashtags, once established the algorithm releases your content to the larger hashtags and the process repeats. If you manage to climb the ladder and get your posts ranking on every hashtag in the set, this is where people see huge reach, just from hashtags alone.


Short answer: it doesn’t matter. I put them in the comments section just for cleanliness, but there has been no evidence to prove either are superior.


Don’t forget to renew your hashtag sets. As your account grows, so will your engagement. Every couple of months repeat this process but change the filters according to your growth which will keep the hashtags you use relevant to the size of your page.


If you have a business/creator account you can see your insights in the IG app. If not there are plenty of websites to track all of your analytics, such as IGBlade. Every so often, go into your insights and see what posts are doing best. Not only should this indicate what type of posts do well (to create more of a similar vibe) but it also shows you what hashtag sets are working and which are doing poorly. Eliminate the under-performing ones and focus in on the ones you know you have ranked on before.

Create your own

Create your own hashtag for your followers to use. This help you create competitions, engage your audience, index your most active followers and create brand awareness, all at the same time.

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