Things you should be doing everyday to increase your Instagram following

If you’re using Instagram to promote yourself or your business, you need to make sure you’re doing a couple of these strategies and implement them into your daily routine on social media. This routine will increase your Instagram following by allowing you to show up higher in the Instagram algorithm and in turn gain more visibility. The process takes a maximum of 10 minutes, so whenever you have some spare time, perform the tactics below and watch your Instagram grow! 

Existing Audience

Your existing audience is anyone who engages with your posts, messages you or follows you that day. There’s a couple of things you should be doing to nurture your relationship with them.

The first thing is to engage with every account that recently followed you (something more personal than just an emoji) thanking them for their engagement, or sending them a message about yourself and what you do/offer. You can engage with these accounts by commenting and liking their posts, but sending a valuable DM is the best way to create a conversation with your community. This also improves your reliability to the algorithm and you will show up more in these peoples feed.

Using Polls

Using polls on Instagram is a great tool for you to grow your following. It allows you to gather data for content, market your products and services and grow connections with your followers. 

Don’t be shy – you can ask your followers anything! An example: ‘What kind of content or services do you want to see from me?‘. This allows you to build a bank of content to post throughout your week, month or year that you know you’ll get engagement from your followers on. 

You can promote your services, information and IG lives by asking people ‘Are you going to tune in? or ‘Do you guys want a sneak peak at my new range?’ Don’t be afraid to ask a few polls a week as people love engaging, especially if you are a company – your customers want to talk to you!

Make sure you DM everyone who responds to your poll by thanking them for interacting. This strengthens the relationships you already have with people that have shown interest and builds trust in you and your company.

Like-minded Accounts

Finding like – minded accounts can help you build your following tremendously.  Search keywords and hashtags within your niche to find similar accounts. Not only does the algorithm understand more about what you like, but you can also connect with and be inspired by others on Instagram.

By engaging with similar accounts you can start to build relationships, connections and visibility by collaborating with accounts in the same niche as you.

To go further, you can also engage with their followers on posts, this will get your name seen by a fresh audience that you know is interested in your niche, which is key to growing your account. 



Now, hashtags can be confusing, but this doesn’t need to be. Remember, you only need to spend 10 minutes a day implementing these strategies to have a positive impact on your following, so you don’t need to be going crazy on each of these topics, just a couple a day will do!

If you use hashtags regularly you will have a list of relevant hashtags for your niche saved to your phone; go through everyday and search the individual hashtags on Instagram and interact with that content. Like, leave valuable comments and save any content that you love to continually increase your reach. 

You can also use hashtags to find people who don’t follow you yet. By sending them a valuable DM telling them about yourself or account, or interacting with their page it shows them you are a committed, reliable business. Remember, Instagram prefers longer messages, and it’s a lot nicer to receive 😉

If you’re still unsure how to make the most out of hashtags, see our previous social media guide on ‘How To Get Seen On Instagram: Hashtags‘ for a detailed explanation and strategy!


Follow Up

Another important strategy you can be implementing weekly is following up. Once you have built a relationship with new accounts, follow up with them a week or a month later (this is up to you!) and continue that dialogue with them, this makes them know your engagement isn’t a one time thing to get them on board, but an actual relationship. This in turn makes you look reliable and consistent, something all customers need. 

This strategy also allows people to know there’s a real person on the end of the account, so are way more likely to engage back. Remember, if you value them in the beginning, they will value you in the long run.

Respond to Everyone

This may get tough as your account grows, but its important to continue respond to all of your DMs and comments so your followers know that your reliable, consistent, and they trust you more as you have build up a strong, organic relationship based on your interests. 

Thanks for reading!

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