We Asked Industry Leaders ‘How to Get Into The Dance Industry’

We Asked Industry Leaders ‘How to Get Into The Dance Industry’

We asked the question ‘How To Get Into The Dance Industry’ to leading industry professionals. This article discusses the importance of mindset, versatility, knowledge & much more. Big thanks to Ricky Jinks, Denzel Daniels, Helen Parsons and Ryan Jenkins for taking the time to answer this question. We believe these responses are very insightful and will help anyone, no matter what niche to progress in their craft. 

Ricky Jinks

Do the best that you can do every day. Remember that you need to constantly be learning and evolving.

The biggest advise I can give is to be nice to yourself; yes there are times we need to be focused on our improvements but this needs to always be done with compassion and positivity to ourselves. The way you see yourself will reflect the way you are seen by others. Be humble and enjoy the process more than anything else.


Denzel Daniels

If you are trying to enter the dance industry, the first thing I would suggest is to know your own mind. There is a rigid idea of success that is filtered down, and makes you believe that fulfilment only looks one way. Once you know your own mind, get to know the industry. Do varied research and lots of different classes. Train your body and mind to be adaptable, that way you can work for anyone and never be out of your depth. 

Then,  you must understand that there is a different type of energy that is required from you on a job. Make sure you can be present and focused in the space for the whole day, it is different from class in this way. 

Finally you must never give up, there is a cyclical nature to the industry that makes room for new faces who have done the work and kept going. Keep auditioning and seeking out opportunities, and fill up your cup in the interim so you can persevere. That way when your time comes, you will be ready! Stay positive and hold on, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or pin your hopes on one type of job. Finally NEVER compare yourself to other people, it will be the greatest enemy of your progress. There is enough work for everyone, although it may not always seem like it,  and once you cultivate that mindset, you will find your lane. 

Helen Parsons

My advice would be to challenge yourself to learn and train new styles as soon as possible. Being uncomfortable is a good thing and it should be expected and embraced when you are trying to improve yourself as a performer. Avenues in the industry overlap constantly, theatre, TV, commercials etc. all require different styles all the time so being prepared and versatile will only open up opportunities for you.

The other piece of advice is trust the time and energy that you’ve put into your training and believe in your ability. You have to be your own biggest fan and be driven to motivate yourself. And finally, be patient, slow progress is still progress 🙂

Ryan Jenkins

‘You must make yourself present in an audition with positive energy that inspires the creative team, you must take their direction and remember you are there to bring their vision to life.
Have knowledge, research the job and creative team, it’s always good to know who and what you are auditioning for – knowledge is power!
You must keep persevering, never give up, learn from your mistakes and believe in yourself.
We all have down days, it’s how you bounce back and fight for your dream that counts.
And be sure to always #WERKIT BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT!’


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